Hey, Hollow here.

Regarding shipping, we receive a ton of questions, so I wanted to have a seperate page regarding the most common.

First, all products are shipped in plain material boxes or mailing tubes. I don't like people knowing what I ordered anymore than anyone else. They're taped deliberately, and in such a way that if the box was accessed in transit, it would be evident upon receipt. The return address will state TF Comics, followed by a PO Box address. There is a Toki head in the label as flare, and that's all there is to it.

Second, I require email and phone number information solely for tracking and shipping fufillment (so you can get your tracking email sent to you ASAP, I can verifiy you are in fact a customer if contacted, and the postal services can contact you if needed if there's an issue with your order.) I do not share or sell this information under any circumstance, and I've been actively involved in leglistation in the United States attempting to safeguard consumer information. In short, I respect your privacy, and I intend to make it law for every business to do so, big and small.

Third, regarding US military addresses, I personally review base policies. In short, if you're in an intial military training enviornment, I will not ship you material. Outside of training bases, if it is against your installation's standing policies, I will also not mail you items that go against it. If there is no standing policy, I will still likely reach out to you to confirm you want to receive material at your base post address. I personally reccomend you purchase a PO box off post to receive mail; base mail services are overworked and slow, anyways.

Fourth, COST! As far as shipping goes, I price shipping at postage cost + material. For domestic orders, this is generally quite affordable. For international orders, this does get pricy -- but please bear in mind I'm a smaller operation. Larger, corporate, distributors receive bulk rate discounts on postal services that I simply do not qualify for. I know it's a pain but that's how it goes. If I could offer a lower rate, I would; unfortunately, it is not feasible or affordable for me to do so.

Fifth, for countries that illegalize homosexuality. I review orders to these countries on a case by case basis, and I do try to reach out to each customer that orders any material that could cause issues in their country of residence. If you're okay with taking the risk of fines or punishment, I am as well; I just urge caution. I do go out to conventions in the United Kingdom annually, and would be glad bring a book or two along for you -- or if you are visiting the United States and are in attendence at a convention, sell products to you there or send a book to the hotel. In the event the merchandise is confiscated or returned, I do offer refunds in these specific circumstances.

I do hope this clears up some common questions; feel free to reach out to either Toki ( @therealtokifuji )or myself ( @hollowmein_ ) on Twitter and we'll get back to you if you have anything else.

We are also present in Tokifuji's Discord, but it is requested you come directly to me on that platform.

If you are an artist and seeking me (Hollow) to either sell merchandise for you, or to give you a point in the right direction, feel free to reach out to me. Merchandise production is expensive and I do not provide financing, but I can help run your crowdfund, merchandise productions and final delivery -- for a fee.